Sheen Obsidian Tumbled Stone

Sheen Obsidian Tumbled Stone

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These stones have both Gold Sheen Obsidian and Silver Sheen Obsidian in them. The contain the properties of both in one stone.

Silver sheen obsidian helps pain relief particularly for migraines or after surgery, and acute conditions such as appendicitis or ruptures that need emergency intervention.  
This is a soothing stone for all who have issues with a possessive mother, whether she is still alive or remains in the memory. Wear or carry this stone to all social occasions, especially parties in your own home. 
This is a good stone for those who need an ego boost for those who are quick to assign blame when things go wrong. 
Silver sheen obsidian is the perfect stone for anyone with a high pressure job as it adds a calming lunar energy to minimize irritability, frustration and to increase your focus. 
This stone assists those who wish to pursue a path of spiritual development by dissolving conscious blocks to trusting your inner wisdom. Silver sheen obsidian helps in communication of information to others in an articulate fashion and to prevent personal likes and dislikes from affecting rational decision making.
Silver sheen obsidian enhances meditation and is the perfect crystal for crystal gazing. It provides a mirror to inner being. It brings advantages throughout life and imparts patience and perseverance when required. It is a helpful stone when journeying out of your body and so bring the soul back into the physical.

Gold sheen obsidian keeps the physical body prepped for energetic focus and reflection. With this stone in hand, accept the gift of health and release old memories that interfere with your ability to be healthy. Use this stone while going through any physical cleansing process.
​Gold sheen obsidian can be helpful in digestive disorders, ulcers, reflux and similar issues of the stomach. It helps clear, energise and balance the solar-plexus and sacral chakras. It can be helpful for men with issues of impotence due to stress.

Use gold sheen obsidian to sharpen you mental aptitude so you can enter deeper meditative states and tap into higher forces for the good of the community. With focus, you can use this stone to deflect dark forces from interfering with the higher good of mankind. Gold sheen obsidian eliminates any sense of futility or ego conflict. Releasing ego involvement, it imparts knowledge of spiritual direction. 
Gold sheen obsidian assists in balancing and healing abuse from the past that is still being carried around in the emotional field. During meditation while holding this stone to awaken memories and contemplate on how these memories are currently affecting your life. Then acknowledge any repetitive patterns and make a clear decision to remove the obstacles that keep such patterns in motion.
Gold Sheen Obsidian can help you feel more capable of creating and directing your life. It is ideal for enhancing your direction and clarity of purpose.
Use gold sheen obsidian to achieve grounded interaction with the earth while connecting with the cosmic forces of the universe. This stone will keep you safe from unwanted psychic influences, removing the hooks of negativity from your energy field.
Gold sheen obsidian is particularly effective for scrying. It takes you into the future and the past deep inside the core of a problem. it shows what is needed for healing, but other crystals will be needed to achieve healing.

​Many people have issues around reclaiming their personal power and using it for the Higher Good. Gold sheen obsidian assists in this journey and allows you to become more conscious of the way in which you use and misuse power. It can aid in aligning your will with the Divine intent and connecting to the power of the Earth for healing purposes.