Quartz &  Black Tourmaline Sphere

Quartz & Black Tourmaline Sphere

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Quartz is used for healing, consciousness expansion, chakra work,  Guide communicating , past life recall, inter dimensional travel, balancing of polarities, enhancing meditation, dreaming, attracting or sending love, general prosperity. It absorbs stores, transmits, charges, intensifies, releases and regulates energy. It raises energy to the highest spiritual level. This crystal is a protective and balancing stone. It is used for, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, Works with all chakras. It is a stone that amplifies the energy of the stones around it. 

Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal that actually gives you a sense of power. It makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful. It will deepen your connection to the physical, natural world. It helps relieve you of fears specifically associated with your physical existence here on Earth. This is a crystal to have near you when you need protection and mental fortitude. Use this crystal when you need to feel safe and secure. It is the ultimate grounding stone, and the primary crystal used for the clearing of negative energy and protection from spells It is a great stone to put by the entrance of your home or office to keep negativity away from you. Each stone is hand picked based on it's energy and will be sent to you the same way.